Gigs, Drive Through, Streams, Update...

Gigs, Drive Through, Streams, Update...

Oct 03, 2021


The gigs have been fantastic lately. It seems everyone is ready to clap, cheer, sing on demand and dance. Sadly the latter still isn't officially permitted ( unless the rules have changed in the last 24hrs ). That said there are rumours circulating that the final piece in the jigsaw, a dance floor, will be with us imminently. Cases of Covid have hovered around the 100 mark since the return of tourism so perhaps the powers that be will let us all have a boogie very, very soon. There were a few cheeky dancers last Thursday and a tiny dancer, right beside the laptop we use to live stream which had us all heart in mouth for a while. We apologise about the dropouts, the wifi isn't great literally a couple of meters from Cafe la Ola's door but if you watch back on catch-up it doesn't buffer or drop out. At the moment we just can't offer a better view as it means trailing cables in front of us which could result in waiters or you guys tripping over them, taking the laptop with you. We've some great ideas for the live streams going forward and hopefully you'll enjoy them once they come to fruition. Please bear with us.

The island itself is very, very busy still and our priority for some time now has been a resident gig somewhere in PDC. I feel like a broken record but we're so, so close it's just very frustrating that we still feel we can't announce any news just yet. All we can say is that it's close, very close, possibly in the next week or two;-)

So it's Barney's tomorrow, Cafe la Ola on Wednesday preceded by a drive through PDC and Cafe la Ola on Thursday where we'll no doubt be back inside. Thank you once again for your support, even if it's just the one coffee every now and again, it helps us massively.

Take care, keep safe and we'll see you soon, GxMxEx

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