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Choral Club Up and Running!

Choral Club Up and Running!

Feb 06, 2021

Hello, friends!

My 2021 Church Choral Club is up and running! (I meant to post this a month ago, but...stuff. Busy. Life. Oopsie!!)

If you know of a church or church musicians that would be interested and able to take part, please feel free to pass this on, or let me know. The link to sign up is pasted below:

Now, I say "able to take part," because some churches are in a better place right now to work around covid than others. Whether it be recording and streaming services, or having the ability to spread out, or having smaller ensembles that can also make music safely, the music I'm writing for this is flexible for all these situations.

Also, it's possible to join later in the year when covid has hopefully settled down as more people get the vaccine; so that is an option, too! I'll send you all the music that would have been completed and released up to that point. Or, join now and simply perform the music at a later time! Lots of options!

Each anthem will be written for Two-Part Mixed Choir and Piano. The first anthem for Lent has been completed and sent! Here is the schedule for the remaining anthems:

Theme          Delivery Date 
Lent               January 25  (Done!)
Easter            February 26 
Trinity           April 26 
General         June 28 
Advent          August 16 
Christmas    October 18 

The fee to join is only $100; 6 anthems divided by $100 comes out to about $17 per anthem, and you can make as many copies of the PDF as you need. Seriously, what a deal! :-D

Thanks, everyone! Again, here's the link to sign up:

Take care,

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