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I'm good.

I'm good.

Jan 13, 2023

Every once in a while (or always, without being too over the top about it) I think it's necessary to celebrate the good about you.

Not the materialistic things, so much, or at least that wouldn't apply to me. I am grateful for all the 'things' I have. I am grateful for the people I have in my life more than anything. But those things and people are not me.

What I'm talking about is, realizing when you're good. What are you good at?

Let me give you an example.

In my new job, every so often I am stuck in a small moving potentially hazardous space with someone who does not -- in any way -- share my ideals.

For reference: I am a strong willed person who believes in administering human decency in every way you can, and acknowledging that no two people (even siblings) experience life the same way. I am someone who advocates for human rights and sticks up for the little guy, and who would like everyone to have a fair shot at the same things. I am not a capitalist, but I see the point of moving things along economically, obviously, especially for small businesses. That's what I'm about. I feel like everyone has potential that can be actualized, given their ambition and the opportunity presented to them. I believe in improving mental health supports, and nope, I don't care that taxes would go up to implement them.

Recently I've been in the position where the opposite of my ideals are suggested to be the better direction for humanity in which to thrive, or that old traditions are the way of the future, because people are "miserable" in our current, oft-untraditional roles. Past Nik, the one who grew up contrary and tough-skinned and often times rude, would have argued that shit into the other person's grave.

This Older, Wiser Nik acknowledges, states a one sentence opinion that feels respectful and tactful enough to present to the other person my views without eliciting a volcanic eruption, and changes the topic, calling back to it, in a jokey way, to illustrate differences are there but they don't have to divide us as people.

I attribute this skill to years (gulp... decades) of retail and other customer service and sales experience, and I've noticed it in other years as well, but it's most apparent lately.

So while I don't know how to describe this succinctly, that's how I'm good.

Where are you good?

Don't say "nowhere" because you definitely have a knack for something, no matter how useless you believe it to be. Claw into the annals (ha) of your mind and crochet-hook it out of there for the purposes of display, whether private or public. If you're looking for a journal prompt, write about it.

I'll ask you again: Where are you good?

Bon weekend.


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