Our Creative Bun Is In The Oven

Our Creative Bun Is In The Oven

Jun 11, 2023

Oh, hey there! Thanks for checking out Aligned's BuyMeACoffee page. Right now we are a work in progress as we work hard to create high-quality content which we are confident will both inspire and empower pregnant women in the lead up to childbirth (cesarean sections included!). Alongside the support of an experienced midwife, and an experienced nurse and pregnancy coach, Aligned utilises the skill of self-enquiry to enable pregnant women from all walks of life to step out of fear and anxiety and into the truth about the innate strength and power they carry within them. Aligned is unlike any other form of childbirth preparation because it is not antenatal education! Aligned is guided mental and emotional preparation for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Aligned wholeheartedly supports the possibility that every woman/pregnant individual is capable of enjoying their birth and early parenting experience to the full, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it. With over twenty years of combined clinical experience behind us, Aligned looks forward to sharing her Wisdom For Birth with you just as soon as she can!

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