Introducing Our Vision for Aligned!

Introducing Our Vision for Aligned!

Jun 28, 2023

The Aligned Vision:

Kate and Gillian have experienced first hand the power of The Aligned Program in their own lives. Their shared vision is to to facilitate transformational change in the lives of everyday women, both within the birthing room and beyond. The Aligned program is a practical, tool based program designed to give women the mental and emotional skills they need to navigate their transition to motherhood with courage, confidence and freedom.

Who Are We?

Today we introduce Gillian Dawn. Registered New Zealand Midwife and co-founder of Aligned. Gillian graduated with a Bachelor of Midwifery in 2007 and has dedicated herself to midwifery since this time. Over the years, Gillian has worked alongside hundreds and hundreds of pregnant women and their families from all walks of life, both inside and outside of hospitals. Gillian carries a woman-centred philosophy of practice which involves supporting women to make whatever choices leave them feeling valued and supported. For some women this may mean a medicalised birth, for others an undisturbed birth. The point is that each woman feels strengthened by her birth experience, more confident in taking those early steps into motherhood, and better able to bond with her baby than she did before.

Several years into her midwifery career, Gillian experienced a personal loss which changed her life. Searching for some very real insight and understanding around some very real suffering, Gillian gradually became aware of the way in which our core beliefs, the internal truths that we align ourselves with, hold influence over our external circumstances. Armed with the courage to challenge her own core beliefs, Gillian found the strength to rebuild her life and her future.

Why Aligned?

As an experienced midwife, Gillian understands that motherhood is often a double-edged sword, bringing both joy and disappointment to the parenting experience. While working to celebrate the triumphs of some, Gillian observed that the ability to let go of the very real pain or anxiety experienced by others can only be found in equally real forms of truth, wisdom and understanding. Over time, Gillian came to think of these insights as a form of ‘word-medicine’ which could be used to foster strength and resilience amongst the mothers in her care. Formulated over several years, The Aligned Program is an amalgamation of these insights, packaged into practical modules that are suitable for everyday use no matter which stage of pregnancy, breastfeeding or motherhood you are preparing for.

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