The Feelings Of Being Alone As A Manager ...

The Feelings Of Being Alone As A Manager or Supervisor

Jun 22, 2021

I have recently been watching the entire TV Series "Alone." This show is about ten survival experts put in a remote area at least 10 miles away from each other to fend for themselves with ten survival items, some clothes, and live off the land. The survivalist who stays the longest wins 500,000 dollars. In season 7, if a participant lasts 100 days, they will receive 1 million dollars. 

It is interesting to follow each participant on their journey of living alone and isolated how they cope with surviving from dealing with emotional, physical, and mental challenges along the way.  

What is their breaking point? What keeps them going out there when they could easily hit a button and go home? The reasons they are there in the first place and how that goal changes once they experienced their time alone and the hardship they endure. 

How this life lesson changed their life forever in ways, they never thought it would. The time they spent in self-reflection about what matters.

To see their struggles, whether physical, mental, or emotionally, can bring you to tears. How excited and thankful they get for catching a fish or trapping an animal in a snare. Each day is about trying to hold on and not give up.  

Sometimes, this is how it feels for managers and supervisors dealing with the daily grind "ALONE."  Trying to hold it together each day—the pressure of being squeezed from top to bottom trying to survive the criticism and actions of yourself and others and being judged for every decision made or not made. Every day walking into the office can be the breaking point of success or ruin.  

Employees worried about layoffs, unreasonable workload demands, meetings that don't amount too much, expectations of successfully managing the chaos each day, and ridiculous emails to answer—trying to work or lead your team without any emotions. 

Feeling emotions are natural, and if you don't have any, what happened?

When did the career strip you of all humanity?

The Alone series teaches us there is so much more to life than boatloads of money, fame, and a demanding career that requires attention 24/7 and eventually leads to burnout, overwhelm, health problems, and anxiety.

The life lessons learned from the show to be grateful, love deeply, cherish the peacefulness, enjoy life to the fullest, and go home and spend time with your family and friends. 

I would love to hear your thoughts as a manager or supervisor while surviving the daily grind.

If you are struggling with the daily grind how about hiring a leadership, life, or career coach like me to help you work through the daily challenges, and continue moving forward to where you want to be with your life. 

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