A Workplace Phenomenon - the Narcissisti ...

A Workplace Phenomenon - the Narcissistic Manager

May 17, 2021

A few years ago, I was on a weekend camping trip with some friends. The trip was great. We were at Apache Lake, Arizona, and camped on the beach. The mountain views, sunsets, and beautiful night skies were amazing.

One evening, we were getting ready to play a card game, and my friend starting telling me about his thoughts regarding hard-working employees and narcissistic managers.

 A Workplace Phenomenon:

The hard-working individuals who give their all at work are not recognized or promoted for all their efforts and good work performance.

Then, the narcissistic managers who get promoted, do not give their all, do minimal work, are aggressive, know it alls, braggers, and life pleasures seem to be handed to them quickly and easily. They charm the higher-ups and belittle the others around them with sarcastic and rude comments. Everything is about them; however, upper management has no clue about their work performance, integrity, or inappropriate behavior. The narcissist is cunning and uses others to do all their work. They act like they are working and tell everyone how busy they are, but they sit on the phone all day gossiping about others. They take credit for their employee's work and boost about how wonderful they are.

What are the warning signs that someone in leadership is a Narcissistic Manager?

  • They lack empathy and compassion.

  • They are always right.

  • They have poor listening skills and only want to listen to what they want to hear.

  • They are all about titles and status.

  • They don't believe in coaching or mentoring.

  • They control and dominate group meetings.

  • They are very competitive.

  • They get rid of employees who don't agree with them or are independent thinkers. They want "yes" people in their inter-circle.

  • They are terrible at sustaining relationships.

  • As they move up the corporate ladder, these characteristics become more and more apparent.

There will be a day when all the Narcissistic Leaders will eventually found out. 

What about all the damage they cause along the way? 

With the Narcissistic Managers continually moving up the corporate ladder and the ongoing damage to the hard-working, loyal employees keep escalating. When will organizations wake up and realize why losing good employees and Narcissistic Managers are causing a substantial negative impact on their bottom line? ~ Patti

What are your thoughts about this topic?

Have you ever worked with a Narcissistic Manager as your leader?

What impact did the Narcissistic Leader have on you and your career? 

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