A Quick Travel Adventure in Bisbee, Ariz ...

A Quick Travel Adventure in Bisbee, Arizona

Apr 30, 2021

My husband and I decided to do a quick travel adventure to Bisbee, Arizona. We talked about going for some time and decided to go. So I planned out our experience. We would start with a mining tour at the Queen Historic Mine Tours through the City of Bisbee.

We would stay at the Bisbee Grand Hotel in Room #2 that is supposedly haunted, and in the evening, scheduled to go on a walking ghost tour with The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour.

When we got close to Bisbee, we wanted to find out where the Queen Mine was before having lunch.

Patti at Queen Mine Tour photo by Thomas Oskvarek

Queen Mine Shaft photo by Patti Oskvarek

Lavender Mining Pit photo by Patti Oskvarek

The tour was fun, and the tour guides (Ken and Mike) were knowledgeable, entertaining and kept us safe inside the tunnels. Mining was a dangerous profession, and the miners paid well. They never knew when they went to work if they would come back and see their family again.  

Before checking into the Hotel, we went into the Bisbee Grand Hotel  Saloon for a cold beer. We didn't realize at first that the saloon is where you check-in into the Hotel.  

Patti in front of the door at The Bisbee Grand Hotel photos by Thomas Oskvarek

We checked into the Hotel and given one key to the room. Fortunately, we parked across the street in a small parking lot. It was tight quarters because we drove a large Pickup truck. It was a good thing there was a space available that was big enough for the vehicle to fit.

The Hotel is lovely—antique furniture, walls, and carpet. It has two patios, one in front and one in back.  

Our room #2 was up the stairs to the left and towards the end of the hall. It had a queen-sized bed, and on the left was a sink. Next to the bed, the bathroom was right through a door with a toilet and shower. The room had a flat-screen TV and a closet to hang clothes. There was an old fashion window above the door without a curtain, and the hall light was visible at night. Consider it an old fashion night light but brighter.  

Back Patio Area photo by Patti Oskvarek

That evening we went on the walking ghost tour. Our host was Dani. I had taken some photos of her, but they didn't turn out well.

Dani The Tour Guide photo by Thomas Oskvarek

The tour started with daylight but soon went into darkness. At night is was creepy walking the back streets on Bisbee and hearing about the history, places, and tragedies.  

At 8:00 pm, we started hearing howling. Dani explained that the community began howling to each other at 8:00 pm every night to connect during the lockdown.

One of the creepiest places we visited on tour was outside this house with angel statues.

House with the Angels photo by Patti Oskvarek

House with the Angels in the daytime photo by Patti Oskvarek

Another unique place was the alleyway with paintings. The paintings are by local artists. The locals felt negative energy in the alleyway and came up with the idea to change the vibe with creative positivity.

The Alley with the Local Artists Paintings photo by Patti Oskvarek

That night when we got closer to that alley, I was not too fond of the feeling of it, and this was before she even told us about it.

The local park was another place that was creepy at night. She told us that it was a cemetery, the area flooded, and the remains were relocated.

City Park in Bisbee, Arizona photo by Thomas Oskvarek

City Park in Bisbee, Arizona photo by Thomas Oskvarek

On the walking tour, we came across the Oliver House. Dani pointed out that the house is very haunted and has been on TV and investigated by paranormal investigators.

The Oliver House is the Brown Building photo by Thomas Oskvarek

We visited the Hotel La More and legend has it that there is a feral ghost cat. Here is a photo my husband took of the staircase. If you look at the green dots, you may see the outline of a cat.

The Feral Ghost Cat - Photo taken by Thomas Oskvarek

At the end of the tour, we finished at the Copper Queen Hotel, Restaurant and Bar. Copper Queen Hotel, Restaurant and Bar is a popular spot in Bisbee. It has been said that Johnny Depp was asked not to return.

When we got back to our hotel room at the Bisbee Grand, I heard a lady laughing loudly in the bathroom. Tom didn't hear laughing. It was so weird.

During the night, Tom awoke approximately between 1:30 and 2:00 am. He had a vision of a lady's face about 2 feet in front of him; he just saw her head and shoulder outline no facial features. It was blurry. She had her hair pulled back loosely and bunched up in a bun. She didn't speak any words to him, and he heard thoughts put in his head to get dressed and leave the Hotel. He got up, put his t-shirt on, went back to the bed, sat down for a moment, and was so tired he laid back down and went back to sleep. In the morning, I noticed he was wearing a T-shirt. All the time I have known him, he has never slept in a shirt, not even in winter. When I asked him about why he was wearing a t-shirt, this is what he said.

 In the morning, we had a complimentary breakfast in the Bisbee Grand Hotel Saloon. The breakfast was delicious, and the waiters were friendly. After breakfast, Tom and I went to the coffee house, had some mocha ice coffee, and sat out in the patio area. There was a nice breeze and a good view of the town and mountains.

Photo by Patti Oskvarek

Then we walked downtown and did some window shopping. Most of the shops don't open up until 10:00 or 11:00 am, and they close around 8:00 pm.

Bisbee, Arizona photo by Thomas Oskvarek

Standing in the streets of Bisbee, Arizona photos by Thomas Oskvarek

Tom and I discussed we want to go back to Bisbee again for another adventure. My hope is you enjoyed the Bisbee experience until next time. ~ Patti

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