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Feb 02, 2023

All my life there’s been a song.
Building. Crashing.
Rising. Falling.

Hidden within all along.
A nightmarish symphonic score
Low rumbles of wind and brass
Soaring high soprano tones

Wailing. Weeping
Banshee howling
Melancholy tones

He came along and reached within
He stole my song and set it free.
Then stared in shock as it poured from me.
Ripping free from my soul
The only thing that made me whole

Howling. Screaming
Shrieking Hallelujah

I threw my arms out to the wind.
I let it speak.
The voice within
The rise and fall of the symphony.

The crashing pulse of bells and beats
The fever pitch as my voice gave lift.
To all the pain they did submit
With a gasping cry I did commit

I freed my song and gave my voice.
Empty now, I don’t exist.
Just a gasping crying echoing sound
Reverbs and fades from the cold hard ground

No more song to fuel my core,
The wind whispers a final chord.
Softly spoken, weeping, Hallelujah.




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