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Apr 07, 2022

As I got asked to create a Patreon account now for quite a while and why I won't do it, I looked into it, deliberated over it and came to the conclusion, that I need at least give myself the chance to get support and give you the chance to support me.

Patreon wasn't for me though and buymeacoffee has a certain charm, hasn't it?

I mean.. Buy me a >bloody< coffee is something that had to be done.

As some of you might have followed on Discord ( #avitd-news, I worked daily for the last 6 weeks to migrate the old AVitD to a new technological platform, which will enable me to do more stuff more quickly, to bring some more features and fun to the site.

I might have spilled some informations already, I have a lot of ideas.

But now is not the time to talk about that, because it's 4am over here in Germany and I am writing this laying in already bed.

More to come..

Cheers, Mahalo, Aloha and take care!

Marco / Cliff Burton

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