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Why Clean Reads?

Why Clean Reads?

Mar 25, 2023

I don't know about you, but I personally feel overwhelmed at times with all of the problems going on around us. We have all experienced the pandemic in different ways, but we have all walked through it. The news abounds with examples of divisiveness in our country. Lay-offs, hostilities between countries, and crime have taken center-stage in the world today. Social media is a mixed blessing with so much negativity permeating its venues. So when I turn to entertainment, I want to escape the realities we have to contend with every day - battering down our doors for attention. And I certainly don't want to add to the violence and heartache around me by reading fictional accounts that also often include gratuitous sex and violence. My heart needs rest, and I find it in an entertaining story that not only pulls me in and makes me want to read more, but also uplifts me and ultimately leaves me with an optimistic view of the future. That is what you'll find in the books I write.

So the next question is - why do you write across so many genres? Isn't that self-defeating against all conventional advice by the industry experts? Yes, it is. But I write in response to what I feel passionate about writing - for those will make the best stories for my readers who are truly my audience. I could examine market trends and write to the market, but for me, I would lose a little bit of my soul. I write what I am called to write - be it science fiction, middle-grade fantasy, a Christmas devotional, or my next project - a historical fiction/magical realism mashup. I hope you'll join me on my writing journey - it may be against conventional wisdom, but I don't think you'll regret it. My hope is that you'll immerse yourself in a pleasant distraction from the worries of the world - one that you can freely enjoy without fear of offensive content but rather - feel heart-warmed, reading stories that challenge your thinking and make you smile.

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