Pandorytool v1.14 Released

Pandorytool v1.14 Released

Jun 29, 2023

We've just released 1.14! And... We totally forgot to include that 1.12 was released in December.

Here are the changelogs for both 1.12 and 1.14:

Pandory 1.14 Changes:
Pandory3D (PG3D, 3D Games Saga, 18S, EX2):
- Fixes for Scraper
- 455 Additional games converted to use pixels

Pandory v1.1.2 - 12-DEC-2022

- DX: Generic support for all Saga DX models

- DX: nvrams added to fix Mortal Kombat sound etc

- 3D: Fixes for Scraper

- 3D: Fixes for Flycast APK

- 3D: Fixes for PPSSPP

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