Pandory 1.10 Feature Release Cycle

Pandory 1.10 Feature Release Cycle

Jun 17, 2021

Since the release of Pandory 1.08, we have started working on the "Feature Release" builds of Pandory 1.10. These builds are essentially "Early Access" versions of Pandory for our Patreon backers. Brand new features may be accompanied by bugs, so it's a very "cutting edge" experience.

Once the FR build cycle has been completed, we will send all ultimate backers (3+ coffees) an email with the finalized public ultimate build to download.

We realize that some people would rather not touch the Patreon platform, so from now on, a 5+ coffee donation will receive the most recent "Early Access" FR version of Pandory, as well as the current ultimate public build.

Please understand that we are an extremely small team, and whereas Patreon can be a near instant download, all mails from a coffee are sent manually. Family, work, sleep- and differing time zones need to be considered, so please be patient and check your PayPal registered email. You should have it within 24 hours. - If you still don't have it until then- please come down to our discord and message emuchicken. -

The following is the Pandory 1.10 FR1 trailer. A quick peek to see how the project is expanding.

Be sure that the public release of Pandory will include many updates for the broad range of systems.

Catch you on the flip!


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