Pandory 1.06, 1.07, and the future!

Pandory 1.06, 1.07, and the future!

Nov 23, 2020

It's been a while since the last update at this coffee site- Apologies! - Especially when we've been extremely busy with the software. As always, those that have thrown us the extra love (3 or more coffees) should be completely up-to-date (emailed re: the updates) .

Pandory 1.06

Adds Pandory support for the Key 7- More pixels, aspect ratio, backup, telnet, overclocked FBA core. PG3D / Saga series boards have been given many updated mame configs.

Pandory 1.07

Added support for PG3D+, newer PG3D, Saga Games 3D, Wifi TV box, and many more (DIY/ RRTV/ 18S etc), backup stick for 3D+/Saga DIY, Dip switches, 3rd Aspect ratio, safe shutdown, GPU speedup (more responsive), MSAA 4x (better looking PSP titles), Hue/Contrast video changes (far better looking scanlines), Openlauncher (android for the plus), FTP, telnet, and many more fixes...

And... Where to now?

Since 1.0.7, we have since started a Pandory FR build series. Patreon mid-tier have access to these cutting edge (and a bit rough on the edges) builds when they become available. Alternatively it's another way to support all of our hard work.

Any future news related to 1.0.8 (and future versions) will be featured on our YT channel, so please make sure to subscribe to not miss out!

As always,

Many thanks

EmuChicken & dajoho

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