Skavild the Wizard (6) The Depths of Mu ...

Skavild the Wizard (6) The Depths of Muf... Mzumzph... Flumph... Mzulft

Feb 10, 2022

The story so far:

Skavild, library assistant to the cruel and unreasonable Thalmor dignitary Eldaline, has been sent to learn spells at the College of Winterhold despite having no talent for or patience with magic.

After being accidentally set on fire by a teacher, harassed by Psijic projections and screamed at by an angry draugr who knew his name, Skavild has now been drawn into a massive plot and is currently searching for the Staff of Magnus in the Dwemer ruins of Mfut... Mmphl... Mzulft.

Eldaline has hurried back from her date with the Jarl of Winterhold and insisted on helping him.

"I wonder what made the Synod think the staff of Magnus was in here." Skavild wondered, as he and Eldaline made their way through the vast and rectangular unpleasantness of Mzulft.

"Dwarven machinery often contains residual ancient sorcery, known to emit evil energy." Said Eldaline. "They should explode it all. That would clear up the matter of what happened to the Dwemer."

"How would it clear the matter up? It wouldn't answer the question at all." Said Skavild.

"Well, people would stop asking about them. Thus clearing the way for more important questions, such as, How do I become a god?"

"Not this again." Skavild sighed.

"Anyway." Said Eldaline. "It is perfectly obvious where the Dwemer went, if only people would admit the evidence of their own eyes. The Dwemer are still here. They are these very contraptions that scuttle and roll about their dead halls."

"But, that doesn't seem likely." Said Skavild. "Why don't they have black soul gems?"

"You have remembered my conjuration lessons better than I thought, Skavild. Isn't it clear to you? The Dwemer had inferior souls to me, or even you. That is why they had to turn into metal dollies."

"You should ask Calcelmo in Markarth what he thinks of your theory." Said Skavild, doubtfully.

"Oh, no." Said Eldaline. "I couldn't do that. He might tell me it was wrong. Look, this Falmer is dead without us having to do anything. How convenient."

She knocked hard on the door.

"Ga... Gavros! Is that you?" Said the voice from within.

"It depends." Said Eldaline. "Is Gavros a dead Falmer?"

"Ahem ahem!" Skavild coughed loudly. "Yes, it's Gavros. I'm Gavros. Err, yes."

"I'd almost given up hope. Let me get the door!" Said the voice.

The door swung open.

"What the... You're not Gavros!" Said the Imperial Synod researcher.

Eldaline shook her head. "And neither am I."

"Ha, tricked you!" Said Skavild.

"Who are you? Where's Gavros? What are you doing here? What've you done with Gavros?"

"If Gavros was the Falmer outside, a machine killed him." Eldaline explained, rifling through the Synod Researcher's possessions. "If he was a different Falmer, we probably killed him, unfortunately. If he was anybody else, I don't know."

"Wait, Eldaline." Said Skavild. "What about that Imperial you disintegrated in the doorway?"

"You disintegrated him?" Shrieked the alive Imperial.

"You're right, Skavild. I forgot about him. Yes, I disintegrated him. What of it, Imperial? He was dead. You shouldn't leave dead bodies out if you don't want necromancers to raise them. And I am a necromancer, so if anything, you should thank me for not making him fight Koruses."

"Chowruses." Said Skavild.

"What?" Said Eldaline.

"The large and dangerous insect that attacked us. It's pronounced Chowrus."

"That's perfectly ridiculous." Said Eldaline. "I have been fighting Koruses since I arrived in Skyrim nine years ago. I read about them as children. My mother called them Koruses."

"WHO ARE YOU?" Shouted the Imperial Synod Researcher.

"Hello, soft-handed Imperial mage, my name is Skavild." Said Skavild. "I am from the College of Winterhold. Pleased to meet you. And this here is El..."

"I am not about to tell you who I am or what organisation I represent, you foul and heretical stain upon creation." Said Eldaline. "Are you the Synod man, you thieving pretend wizard? Turn out your pockets. I'm here for the Staff of Magnus. I mean, we're here for the Staff of Magnus."

"Ah. Are you? Well. I'm afraid I can't help you with that. I need the focusing crystal to do anything useful, and I don't have it."

"Well, neither do I." Eldaline said.

"Wait, Eldaline." Said Skavild. "What about that huge crystal that I saw you hiding under your dress in the last room?"

"Oh, this crystal?" Said Eldaline. "Yes. Here it is."

"You found… how in the world… That's it. That's it! Savos wouldn't even grant us an audience when we came to you, but now you come here expecting something from me? I don't much like this, I'll tell you. But you've saved my skin, so maybe I can overlook the past for now. Come on, I'll explain on the way."

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