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Umgeni River and Umhlanga Lightning

Umgeni River and Umhlanga Lightning

Oct 05, 2022

Finally, some proper lightning over Durban!

I had just finished coaching a boxing class in Durban North, when I stepped outside and heard the rumble of thunder approaching. 

I jumped into my car and headed down to a spot next to the Umgeni River in Durban. 

Thats where I got the first two photos shared here. It was extremely windy and raining heavily so I was forced to stop taking photos.

I then went back towards my home in Umhlanga and went down to Bronze beach. I took cover under the lifeguard's Station looking down towards the Umhlanga lighthouse. The storm was quite active over the ocean; the rumbles of the breaking waves mixing with the thunderous roar of the lightning above. The humidity and ocean smell thick in the air... It was incredible to witness. 

This is the third photo that I am sharing here.

These are composite images created from some of the images that I captured, which have then been overlayed to create the single images respectively. 

I hope that you like the photos.

South Africa is always leaves me in awe of her incredible beauty. 

I am Proudly South African.

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