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Moody Purple Sunset over Umhlanga.

Moody Purple Sunset over Umhlanga.

May 14, 2022

I went for my regular Saturday jog on the Umhlanga Promenade this afternoon. 

As I approached the lighthouse, I could see these dark and moody clouds approaching from the south. I knew we were going to have quite a sunset. I quickly finished my run, dashed home to get my camera, and headed down to the beach.

A soft breeze was blowing the salty sea air inland. It was neither hot nor cold, as I stood there in awe as the setting sun was highlighting the tops of the moody clouds, as the darkness brooded underneath. 

To my right, the lighthouse showing the way below the coming storm, and to my left, the moon peeping out from behind the flowing clouds. A beautiful purple hue ignited the sky, with dashes of darkness and specks of fire. It was incredible. I hope that you like the photos...

South African skies are incredible and always changing in their beauty. South Africa has beauty everywhere. Just keep looking for it. 

I am Proudly South African. 

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