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Faint Rainbow in Aftermath of Tropical S ...

Faint Rainbow in Aftermath of Tropical Storm Filipo

Mar 14, 2024

This evening, as the final outer bands of Tropical Storm Filipo left the shores of KZN, a faint rainbow shone softly above the ocean.

I was at work when I noticed the sun shining whilst it was still drizzling, so I decided to take a chance and have a look to see if there were any rainbows.

As I suspected, one appeared over the ocean. 

I jumped into my car and headed to the closest beach, which was Beachwood, to take a photo, but by the time I got there, the rainbow was fading away. The sky looked incredible, so I took a photo anyway. 

The ocean seemed to be quite dark and gloomy. A salty warm breeze was playing with the drizzling rain. The moody clouds that contrasted against the deep blue sky looked quite spectacular above the ocean. It was quite incredible to see.

Luckily, Durban itself didn't experience much of the tropical storms' effects.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who did experience the wrath of the storm.

I normally chase storms, but today I chased a rainbow... Maybe we should all be chasing more rainbows...

Can you spot the rainbow in the photo?

South Africa is constantly leaving me in awe of her magnificent beauty. Keep looking for the beauty. It's there...

I am Proudly South African.

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