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Drama over Joburg.

Drama over Joburg.

Nov 28, 2020

I have spent my entire adult life waiting for the chance to be able to photograph a sky like this...  As a child I was fascinated by tornadoes and my dream holiday throughout my life was to go and chase tornadoes in the USA. I have always loved the magnificence of thunderstorms and the drama that comes with them. Rarely do we get to see the drama which this thunderstorm showed us yesterday.  It was incredible to witness and I feel so incredibly blessed with the opportunity to not only have witnessed the wonderment of such a storm, but to also have photographed it.  Today my heart is happy because I managed to capture one of my "dream photographs". Its not of a tornado, but it is of an incredible cloud structure over Johannesburg.  This panoramic view over the greater JHB area actually shows how the rain fall dimmed the lights of Sandton and JHB, and you can see Northcliff to the right. The full res version of this shot is filled with so much detail yet it gives only a hint of the grandeur of this thunderstorm.  I am so happy to share it, I truly hope that you like it.  South Africa has the most incredible sights...  I am Proudly South African.

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