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Distant Lightning over Durban.

Distant Lightning over Durban.

May 08, 2021

A lovely little thunderstorm made its way over Durban this evening. I decided to go down to the beach in Umhlanga to try and capture the storm as it was approaching. Unfortunately the rain came before the lightning and chased me away. I did however capture a bit of lightning over Durban in the distance. The wind also made the air quite hazy... I find watching lightning in the distance so interesting. It has a certain subtlety and beauty to it. Quick little flashes of light bridging the gap between the ground and the clouds... In the distance, it doesn't look that fierce, but when you're underneath it, the incredible power is simply astonishing and so humbling. It gives me an interesting perspective... Never judge anything from afar. You never know what the person next to you may be experiencing or has experienced. Always try and be kind as you never know what storm another person may be dealing with... Nature is filled with beauty, and lessons. See the beauty, and learn from it... South Africa is filled beauty, and lessons... I am Proudly South African.

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