All My Releases For 2023!

All My Releases For 2023!

Dec 16, 2023

Hello, friends and fans!

A year has 365 and some days, and as we all know, there's only so much we can get done in the space of a single day. I thought it was time for us to sit back and take a look back at all the books I released this year that was 2023.  

Let's take it from the top! Er... well, that is to say, from the oldest first... the bottom!

The Traitor Loyal

The Traitor Loyal, a 1 act play by Christina Engela, 1991.

At the General’s office at Army Headquarters in Paris during the German occupation in World War Two, 1944, the General’s secretary hero-worships his General because he believes he is not a Nazi, and discovers that the General has been secretly supplying information to the French Resistance. In the course of events, Fritz realizes it is all a ruse; the General is really setting a deadly trap for the Resistance and Fritz must decide which side of history he really wants to be on.

1 act, 3 scenes, 3849 words.

Available in eBook format. 

Come To Deanna

A Guide To The Main Setting Of The Quantum Series

“Come To Deanna” – A guide to the quirky little Terran colony planet which is the setting of most stories in the Quantum Series, elaborating on local night life, hot spots, native species, aliens, cities, infrastructure and other aspects to the fascinating place called Deanna!

Regardless of whether you plan on dropping by just to visit, or to stay, Deanna and its people (and funny animals) are ready to welcome you!

It’s in the Triseritis Cluster – system 6327B2B!

Come on, do it! You know you want to! See you there!

Available in eBook, paperback and audiobook formats! 

The Galaxii Guide to the Terran Space Fleet

A Technical Guide To The Terran Space Fleet

The Galaxii Guide To The Terran Space Fleet” – An illustrated technical guide to the Terran Space Fleet and Space Fleet Academy, its structures, hierarchy, organization, shuttles, starships, weapons and technologies.

Ever wonder what the inside of the Antares looks like? How the starships’ gravity net works? Want to understand the system of ranks and organizational structure of the Space Fleet? Like to see a diagrammatic layout of the bridge complex, sickbay or engineering complex?

Look no further!

This book features 60 pages of top secret inside information, diagrams and illustrations compiled by the creator of the GalaxiiQuantum and Panic! Horror In Space series. 

The Galaxii Guide to Corsairs & the Black Fleet

A Guide To The Corsairs Of The Galaxii Series

Meradinis! Home of the almost mythical space pirates called the Corsairs!

The very name of this dark world grabbed the imaginations of young boys and girls, and universally mesmerized dreamers and romantics alike!

Behind the legend of the Corsairs and their sinister culture of plunder and violence lay a history fraught with a desperate, brutal struggle to survive, a vengefulness and a cruel streak – and a drive to survive by any means necessary – chiefly of which was their predation upon other worlds… And it was their predatory nature that struck fear into the hearts of neighboring Terran colonies on the fringe – and, some whispered – in the hallowed halls of the Terran Congress itself.

This guide was created to brief the Galaxii reader about the Corsairs as a group, nuances of their culture, details of their origins, general practices and of course, to present blueprints of their ships and other equipment.

Available in eBook and paperback formats! 

Through Technical Spectacles

A Technical Look At Some Things Featured In The Quantum Series

“Through Technical Spectacles – A Quantum Guide” is a collection of 86 schematics and illustrations of 26 types of various ships, craft, buildings and other things that are featured in the Quantum Series.

There are also additional explanations of what they are and what they’re supposed to do – and some of these are even delivered in a half-serious manner.

Did you ever wonder what the Ambusulance looked like? The inside layout of the Governor’s Palace? The cockpit of a Skorpiad fighter? These and more fill the pages of this book!

The diagrams and schematics were all created by the author herself and represent hours and hours of hard work, late nights, finger cramps and actual headaches – but that wasn’t such a chore because she also enjoyed the process of creating every one of them!

Available in eBook and paperback formats! 

Terror In The Outblack

Panic! Horror In Space: Book 4

Space exploration is no piece of cake, and neither is the paranormal.

The Outblack: a treacherous swathe of under-explored space at the fringes of the Terran Empire, the very cutting edge of civilization – also known as the ass-end of space… a place where good fortune is almost as common as death, and the dead don’t always stay that way. These are the stomping grounds of Captain Stuart Flane and the crew of the starship Mercury – a shipload of jaded cynics who know from experience that there’s more to life than meets the third eye.

Braver than the harshest skeptic, Flane, his EXO, Vic Chapman, and Dr. Fred Killian, must face all sorts of terrors, from paranormal possession, to shadow figures from the lost starship Jacoby, to mysterious alien life-forms that ate the scientists at the research station on Tangerine-178, and a mysterious force that lobotomized the colonists on Ramus-12. Will they succeed? Or will they succumb to the terror of the Outblack?

Available in eBook and paperback formats! 

Freedom Inc.

Threaders: Book 1

Into Adventure! 

Freedom. Independence. Friendship. Adventure. You could have it all! Or, you might die trying. The only question worth answering is: How bad do you want it?

Bad enough to become a threader – a drifter who makes their way across space doing anything they could to make money, just to be able to reach the next port? Mostly, threaders are just one payday away from being actual space pirates – or bums marooned in the ass-end of space, widely regarded with mistrust and suspicion.

For Tang Gunar, Mycos Atellu, and others who join their crew, there is no other choice but to adopt this identity as an act of survival, rebellion, hope and defiance as they embark on a journey across space to seek adventure and fortune on the Fringe, to find out where it will lead them.

Available in eBook, paperback and audiobook formats!

Well, there you are folks, seven releases for the year! I don't think that's bad going! If you don't mind, I'm going to take a break until the new year!

Thanks a lot for all your friendship and support, I hope you know it is deeply appreciated - and remember, keep reading!


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