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Balkans to Bangkok Expedition

Balkans to Bangkok Expedition

Sep 23, 2022

On September 17, 2022, I began an overland expedition from the Balkans to Bangkok.

The vision:

The world is big, and on fire. Let's travel accordingly.

The mission:

  1. Give back to the earth and to local communities. Move sustainably, slowly, and intentionally. Raise funds for environmental NGOs and local organizations along the way.

  2. No high emissions transport. Go by train, bus, rideshare, hitchiking, cycling, walking, even sailing. Reject the default to air travel.

  3. Take local public transportation whenever possible to create more points of contact with local culture and to more closely observe the transitions from place to place.

  4. Reexamine what it means to be a nomad. Learn from the traditionally nomadic and pastoral communities of central Asia. Understand their relationship to the earth, community, and balance.

  5. Inspire other travelers and so-called nomads to reconsider the status quo of modern travel. Show there is an alterntive path outside of airline miles from New York to Lisbon, WeWork in Mexico City, and a self-centered geoarbitrage approach to a location independent life.

How to support the expdition:

* email to christenomad [at] g mail [dot] com

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