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Here it Comes! Beginner Chinese Course X ...

Here it Comes! Beginner Chinese Course XD

Sep 29, 2021


Hey guys, this is Karen. After months of planning, researching, recording, editing, and writing. It is finally here, my first ever Chinese course: Beginner Chinese Course - Build Sentences (PART I).

I know many listeners of Chillchat find it a bit above their current level, so I've decided to make a course for beginners to help you get started with listening and speaking. Courses for other levels will be put out too in the future.

You will find the course in the Extras section. But before purchasing it, please read what I wrote below <3

  • What does this course have?

Study Materials include (all downloadable):

  1. Video lessons

  2. Audio 

  3. PDF study notes

  4. Quizlet flashcards

The course has 22 video lessons in total, covering all the basic but essential Chinese words/sentence structures to help you start speaking Chinese. 

After each 6-8 lessons there is a Short Story Review Lesson, which are short conversations that put all the key vocabulary and sentence patterns in use. These short stories also surround real-life scenarios with practical sentences you can use right away.

  • Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for:

  • People who are thinking about learning Chinese

  • Beginners who just started the journey of learning Chinese

  • Beginners who struggle to build their own sentences in Chinese

  • Learners who want to enhance their memory with basic sentence patterns

  • How to make the most use of it?

In the course, each grammar pattern is taught with a brief explanation and a lot of examples. Through the explanation you will learn when to use it and the structure it is used in. While the plenty of example sentences give you an idea of how to actually use the pattern.

Watch the video lessons first, as you can see how I pronounce the words and mimic my mouth movement. Listen and repeat. Exercise your mouth muscles and familiarize yourself with the new sounds.

When busy times hit and you canโ€™t afford a solid hour sitting down to study, utilize the audio files, for listening and get your brain immersed in the sound of Mandarin Chinese. Immersion is key.

PDF notes for organized revision. You can also print them out and take notes on them. 

Flashcards for self-testing and some memory enhancement.

  • Take a sneak peak before purchasing it.

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