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Chess It Out - How to play

Chess It Out - How to play

Apr 28, 2023

In Chess It Out you and your opponent will encounter a series of intriguing chess positions.

Your task is to evaluate each position and form an opinion about it.

If your evaluation matches your opponent's, you will proceed to the next position.

However, if you have different opinions, you will have to chess it out in a 3+5 Blitz game from that exact position to determine who is right!

The general interface will look like this:

You can change your opinion as many times as you like until the time runs out or you hit the "Pressure" button which will do three things:

  1. Fix your vote (You cannot change it anymore).

  2. Apply pressure to your opponent by cutting their clock time in half!

  3. Enable the "Peek At Next Position" button which gives you the option to look at the coming position while your opponent is still thinking about the current one.

To illustrate, here is the interface after hitting the "Pressure" button:

From the other side, getting pressured looks like this:

Your clock time is colored red for a few seconds to highlight that it was just reduced by 50%. Also the pressure button simply becomes a "Vote" button with no extra effect.

If you don't press any button until your time runs out, whatever you selected last will be your evaluation.

Then, if you agree on your vote the overlay will look something like this:

And then the next round begins. If you disagree however, a game of chess will start from said position. The overlay will then say something like this:

However, you will only have to "chess it out" if you truly disagree. Which means that your evaluations have to be at least 2 steps apart. Meaning that if you say a position is equal and your opponent says it is slightly better for white then that is considered to be close enough and you continue to the next position.

Additionally, Armageddon games will be played in cases where one player evaluates the position as equal or slightly better for one side and the other player evaluates it clearly better for the other side. In an Armageddon game there is no draw, if the position is technically drawn, the player with Armageddon odds will be granted the win.

The full cross table for all combinations of votes looks like this:

After the game you will be able to analyze the game.

You can do it by yourself in the app or you can click chat and analyze which will bring you to the lichess analysis feature, where you can also talk about the game with your opponent.

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