The Passion | Earth Day 2021

The Passion | Earth Day 2021

Apr 20, 2021

I would like to believe that photographers are storytellers - capturing and documenting the emotion and detail of a specific moment in time that one would miss if they blinked.

As somebody who has the extraordinary opportunity to photograph both wild and rescued species, I strive to capture the story and emotion of the specific animal through their eyes and body language.

I believe that I, and other photographers, can not only show people the wildlife that they may have never had the chance to see, but also teach them of their importance. That they are more than just a mythical creature, but an actual living, breathing soul that deserves to be on this planet just as much as anything else.

How can wildlife and their habitats be loved and protected, if it’s never been seen and understood?

To paraphrase the beloved Steve Irwin, “people want to save things they love. Teach them about wildlife and they will be touched”.

With Earth Week upon us, I can’t help but focus even more on the wildlife among us that is going unnoticed or ignored. As humans, we share our planet with so many beautiful species, yet we act as if we own the world, rather than belong to it.

As innocent jaguars are losing their home to deforestation, or as sloths are being electrocuted from power lines we build, we remain egocentric as humanity has determined that urbanization is more important than protecting our planet and all that it holds.

So, when I share my images of wildlife, I want my viewers to understand that my passion lies within the story of the eyes of the subject. I want you to know that each of these species is here with us; sharing the Earth and all that we, as humans, bring to it.

If you can do anything for our planet this Earth Day; be the voice for those who can’t speak.
Be the eyes for those who can't see.
And most of all, be the change for every person, plant, and animal of the Earth.

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