God's Grace is so powerful and faithful

God's Grace is so powerful and faithful

Feb 10, 2021

If you are expecting someone else to complete you, then you need to remember this. Your partner can never satisfy the emptiness you feel inside. Every time you experience romantic love, please don’t expect a life full of joy and happiness. Because the truth is, there will always be unpredictable things that will happen. You will encounter many things in a relationship, and your partner can’t always give you the kind of peace and love you’ve been looking for all this time.

Your partner is also a human. Just like you, that person is also dealing with a lot of difficulties in life. They are also fighting some battles, and they are just trying their best to cope up. Your partner is also carrying some pain on the inside. That’s why there are moments when they will tend to disappoint and hurt you. Remember that the world doesn’t only revolve around you. So stop expecting them to satisfy the thirst that you feel inside.

You need to be whole first before you allow someone to come in. It’s not your partner’s job to complete you, but it’s a matter of your own choice. Learn to deal with the things on the inside first. Do not let the bitterness to come in. Forgive those people who hurt you. Face the pain in the past that you need to let go. Accept the truth that your partner can never fight the battle for you.

Only the love of God can satisfy the emptiness you feel inside. You will always feel disappointed and broken if you will just rely on everything on your partner. Remember that humans are not perfect. One way or another, we all commit mistakes. So if you are looking for that kind of love that will never break your heart, just seek it from God. His love alone will never fail you. He is perfect and faithful. You can always trust in His love for you.

Allow God’s love to consume your heart, and only then will you be able to love your partner the best way you can. Let His love be your only source. And when you feel tired, you can always rely on His love to sustain you. It is the only one that can fully satisfy our hearts. He created everything, and He purposely designed us to experience His amazing love. The moment you encounter His love, you will realize that you are always complete, whether you are in a relationship or not.

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