God Already Prepared What You Need

God Already Prepared What You Need

Feb 10, 2021

There are moments in life when we encounter overwhelming events, and we can’t help but worry. We think that God forgets us, and we need to remind Him about the things that we need. But the truth is, God will never forget to provide you with enough blessings. He already prepared the things that you need even before you ask Him. So trust in Him ad stop relying on your own understanding. Do not be afraid of your future because your loving Father knows what you need and the perfect time for you to receive it. Just enjoy His presence and never allow the uncertainties of this world to hinder you from believing in His goodness.

God is faithful. He will never forsake you. If parents know how to take good care of their children, then remember that God is also your Father. He will always provide the things that you need. Learn to trust in Him. Do not focus on the bad things that are happening around you. Sometimes, you feel so down because you try to compare yourself to other people. You think that you are not good enough. That’s why God didn’t provide the blessings that you prayed for, but know that His plans are greater than what you have in mind. He gave us blessings not because of the things that we do. He sees our hearts, and He knows what we truly need.

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