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Twelve Cycles of Healing: Third Cycle, G ...

Twelve Cycles of Healing: Third Cycle, Gemini

May 25, 2022

Third Cycle/House: Gemini (The Twins)

Welcome to the third cycle and if you've made it thus far than you have started to feel things pick up and can now feel the transitions, we experience through each of the 12 cycles every year as we've been accustomed to. However, that doesn't mean we can't take back our power and use these cycles to our advantage and serve as a reminder in our everyday mundane life's. You can use these scriptures as your "How Too's" or blueprints to building and living a more authentic life here on earth as most of the times we can feel like we don't know what we're doing or where to find purpose. Therefore, each house comes with challenges, discipline, growth, resistance, and fulfillment at arm's reach all we need to realize is I CAN. I encourage you to start a monthly journal of the energy shifts and how each cycled challenged you or helped you grow so you may keep track of what worked and didn't work for you to continue to thrive in your desired destinations/paths.

The third house is ruled by Airy Gemini which is represented by the twins and is the first air sign to appear on the zodiac wheel. When you look at the constellation is looks like the twins are dancing in sync and or conversing with each other and it also reminds me of the two butterflies you always see in the garden dancing following each other as one going back and forth as in syn with the ebb and flow of the wind trusting the wind to guide them through the current. This is what the third cycle represents as the first and second cycles is more of raw energy and now that we walk into the third house, we now have the clarity or in this stance the universe is conversing with us towards how and when to use that raw energy found in the first cycles so you may effectively birth it in the 4th cycle of creation and creativity.

Gemini | The Twins | May 21- June 20

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

(Mutable: mutable energy comes at the end which Gemini szn marks the end of spring. an adaptable energy, adapting the energy around us, mutable signs help us pick and choose what turns need to be made to help through obstacles.)

Gemini Symbols: Feathers, Herbs, Birds

(Symbols you can carry and or place on altar to tap into Gemini energy.)

Gemini Keywords: Thoughts, Social, Wit, Intelect, Duality, Mischief, Opinionated, Inquisitive

Gemini Zodiac Opposite: Sagittarius

Body parts ruled by Gemini: Shoulders, Lungs, Breath, Hands, Nerves

Realm of Communiations: Gemini's Purpose is to cross pollinate ideas across flowers like bees in springtime.

Gemini Mentally: Gemini energy is ruled by the planet mercury who rules the mental space/thoughts reason why Gemini are such good talkers and good at mingling and sharing their opinions openly. This can either play out to be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you view it and from where you are sharing this. Are we sharing from a space of Ego or from our heart space? This is what shows us the leaders of our communities and can blindly follow egotistical conceptions even our own. When we enter this cycle, we see that every everything is green outside and see how the birds show us the energy of this cycle by building their nests and laying their eggs for the season.

It is very crucial that we stay grounded in the physical as these divine messages and ideas start flowing so that we can intuitively know which eggs to lay and which eggs will not bear much. Think of it this way this is when you start to gather your eggs in a basket to narrow it down to the ones you will be nurturing and watering for when fall comes you may reap for the winter. And if you're not grounded in these energies, it can have you feeling unbalanced in your mental space having your thoughts create these illusions and mazes feeling unworthy of the divines' blessings at your current disposal. Mental energy is at its strongest here so be weary of where you direct your mental energy as it will rapidly manifest whether its fear or trust.

Write down all your ideas, explore your ideas and opportunities, balance your energy, start your next 6-month plan as were now halfway through the 12-month year.

Mental stimulation, you may feel inclined to learn something new or read a new book in where your being may feel like soaking up new information therefore finds ways to quench that mental thirst through healthy outlets. Going with in would be your best outlet of downloading and tapping into your akashic records meaning tapping into information and skills you have already learned and know but need awakening/remembering. In order to help you with solving any problems and with channeling divine direction.

Gemini Spiritually: Finding duality between the twins, between masculine and feminine, between thought and action, between you and spirit in co-creation. It takes two to tangle and right now your mind and heart want to dance as one. This will help you be aware of the information your being is currently digesting through your nervous system in order to initiate movement in the near future.

Since Gemini rules our breath/lungs connect with your breath as it is the essence and whispers of your soul. Do breathe work and meditations as a form of grounding thus allowing you to use your mind wisely because even if our thoughts are our strongest right now it can also play against us when we become easily triggered by our fears. These breath works can also allow you to shift perspectives towards your thought process when wanting to break subconscious programs and allowing yourself to view your negative thoughts in the light and bringing truth to them.

Reminding yourself to be present or of your present surroundings by taking deep breathes every now and then.

Gemini Physically: Being in this Mutable energy is teaches us that even though we have experienced negative things in our lives we can bring closure towards closing these cycles or doors hence why you may be getting impulsive thoughts to walk away, to quit, to end, to move etc. Sagittarius being its polar opposite it challenges you to expand and explore new outlets and go on adventurous paths of growth and learning as life is not just about what is in your back yard, metaphorically speaking. This is when you can turn your knowledge into wisdom and learn from the past because your mental space will and can crave challenges in mental stimulation.

When we understand life's lessons, we give ourselves permission to change perspective and drop the victim role and illusions in reciprocating us spiritual strength to create movement.

Allow yourself to speak and follow your own truth by using the watching and waiting effect. This will help you tap into your duality and being in duality with the universe. For example, if one of your eggs in your basket is to create a new fountain of abundance than start by taking the first step and following the ideas that you receive that can and might have potential. If the idea is to start your own home business than start investing in supplies and wait and see where that leads you than proceed to initiate the next step, you get called to create.

Exercises during the third Cycle:

Have you heart of the 3,6,9 manifestation method? The 369 method involves writing down what you'd like to manifest three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the night by using the energy of past, present, and future. I believe this is the perfect manifestation method to use during this cycle to rapidly manifest and anchor in your new realities.

Here's the significance of every number in the sequence:

  • 3 represents our connection to source or the universe, and our creative self-expression

  • 6 represents our inner strength and harmony

  • 9 represents our inner rebirth (as in letting go of what no longer serves us and changing into who we are becoming)

This is how it works,

In the Morning, 3 Times, past tense

  • I want to make 100 sales

  • I want to make 100 sales

  • I want to make 100 sales

In the Afternoon, 6 Times, Present

  • I am creating 100 sales

  • I am creating 100 sales

  • I am creating 100 sales

  • I am creating 100 sales

  • I am creating 100 sales

  • I am creating 100 sales

In the Evening, 9 Times, Future aligned as if it already happened

  • I have manifested 100 sales

  • I have manifested 100 sales

  • I have manifested 100 sales

  • I have manifested 100 sales

  • I have manifested 100 sales

  • I have manifested 100 sales

  • I have manifested 100 sales

  • I have manifested 100 sales

  • I have manifested 100 sales

Try this for the duration of the 3rd cycle and see what you manifest and test your manifestation powers and come back and let us know your experience using these 369 methods.

In Conclusion, you are now equipped and ready to tackle the third cycle as you have all the knowledge you need at this time to have faith and trust in yourself and in your spiritual team. Don't hold back when manifesting as not even the sky is your limit because there's a whole universe inside of you therefore you are limitless and so are your dreams. Allow yourself to be guided by your dreams and dare to make them a reality. You are so ready now!

written with love,

Ana | Charmed Wisdom

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