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Feb 11, 2022

This week I wanted to talk about STIMULATION and the many effects it has on us and how we can also use it to our advantage. When you hear this word or see the image above what comes into your mind? How does your mind want to define this word? For me it's the famous Friday movie saying, "come on Creg stimulate your mind!". So, what does stimulation mean for us and how does it have an effect on us.

(Googles Definitions)

noun: stimulation; plural noun: stimulations

  1. encouragement of something to make it develop or become more active.

    "the stimulation of a revolution in intelligence affairs"

    • the action of arousing interest, enthusiasm, or excitement.

      "the child needs plenty of stimulation as bored hands can make mischief"

    • the raising of levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body or any biological system.

      "stimulation of the vagus nerve slows heart rate"


So, googles definition is letting us know that stimulation can encourage or arouse us spiritually, physiologically, and have it anchored into our reality/s through a process called stimulation. I am hoping my guides will help me put all this information into words because it can be quite difficult to understand or to even have our mind grasp such a concept on the idea that our reality and things were created to stimulate us either in a good or bad way. We see this everyday through social media or online of what is being spread through its algorithm in our timelines being used to stimulate us. Even the songs nowadays on the radio has an impact on us as music stimulates our emotions just like when you first heard that song when you got your first heart break or when that song helped us overcome a time when we needed empathy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that nobody likes to be alone and when we feel alone or like you don't belong, we can tend to create things in our mind or indulge in substances that can become very stimulating just to escape a reality or something in our life's.

Can stimulated Realites actually be used to raise our nervous systems? Because we know "feelings" can be easily manipulated when being stimulated to either encourage us with enthusiasm or to keep us stuck in loops or fake "realities" just how the matrix movies showed us. I mean I don't think it's a coincidence to have our government send out stimulus checks monthly to make us feel "loved" and "supported" by a system build to fail you. As naive as we can sometimes be this show us how when we allow this type of stimulations, we can definitely fall for it as "Stimulus" and "Stimulation" have the same root word but let's get into some different types of stimulations that have been used to keep us stuck in the matrix afraid of choosing the red or blue pill.

Stimulated Realities:

Stimulated realities are like veils placed over our eyes and keep us from seeing the truth and we can even sometimes create these ourselves throughout our experiences. "My imagination is running wild", we all have the capacity to imagine our desires and reality into being when they're coming from our authentic self but when we try to imagine things from what we are currently being exposed to can actually be quite dangerous and even traumatic at times. Now a days we have social media, music, movies, smart HD tv's, blue ray, metaverse etc. all meant to stimulate our minds into a matrix that is made from fiction and don't get me wrong at times its ok to indulge in them once in a while, but it can become problematic when we can merge or align both "realities" into one. For instance, social media, we create a page add a picture and start this make-believe life on social media that will hopefully attract others into your web life. So, you start stimulating your life with fake photos that don't really represent your real life and or your real image because it "makes you feel better" or because you feel liked or accepted by others in this fake stimulation world not realizing it has only been stimulating your ego and not true authentic self.

Let's talk about music, I mean even I myself can't live without music, it makes us feel things and it stimulates our minds and emotions in taking us somewhere or making us feel something inside that we weren't before because this is what music was designed to do, to stimulate our being. Therefore, music can also be stimulating your mind in an empowering way or in a deterring way by listening to music that can be degrading you slowly or to the point you think or feel you should be acting any differently. Frequency is music and music was born from a frequency, vibration, that is why music has an impact on us just how medication music can also have stimulated effect on us by using it to heal ourselves. We are like sponges, and we soak in information every second of the day through everything we encounter trying to process all the information therefore your mind is already processing everything that is creating an emotional effect in your nervous system and the body can't determine if what its being stimulated by is a good or bad thing.

As we continue to evolve as a population so does our electronics and our science. I think it's safe to say that some were created to further disconnect us from our soul and true being while other technology was meant to overload our sensory and nervous systems. I say this because I've noticed this within myself when watching TV or on social media or even on the phone and how they drain and stimulate my nervous system to overload with so many different energies and emotions that were not mine or there to begin with. We have to keep in mind that yes there is a Divine Matrix designed for us to manifest and use to our benefit but that doesn't exclude others using that matrix to create other small fake matrixes within the real one to distract us or to further us from our own truth and power because it is easier to manipulate with fear or detachment. My guides call this the "dream thief" because again it is an illusion, a veil, that has been placed to stimulate us in a way that can turn us away from our true nature or to instill certain emotions in where some call it brain washing. Think about it this way it's like the picture above Mario and The Princess are in this game and blindly play it because that's what they think they were MADE to do and who is to say or give them the any proof that they're in a stimulated game unless they realize it themselves.

Stimulated Emotions:

Stimulation has a great effect on our sensory system because as humans we always want to be feeling good, loved, and happy turning away all the other emotions and sweeping them under the rug and pretend everything is okay. I see more of this effect in people who have encountered trauma or have had a traumatic effect in their life thus pushing them to create an alternative reality for them to escape and using things outside of them to stimulate those emotions.

For generations drugs and alcohol has been used to cope and stimulate suppressed emotions. Have you ever seen or noticed someone turn into a whole different person while intoxicated or under the influence? This is an effect of their emotions being stimulated by these substances.

We can also see this effect when we are trying to escape our home life meaning a life, we are not content with. Now take this with an open mind as I just realized this the other day when I was encouraged to write about stimulation effects. We can better understand this as having a double life or where an individual creates a narrative that affects us and others while giving others fake roles or characters. Are we really a product of our environment or is our environment a product of us? because when we become a product of our environment, we become the victims but again it was just a role given to you. We chose to play this role or not and we can also forcefully be giving other roles to people around us to play out in our lives to help stimulate us in a form that helps us "survive" or "thrive". This is what I call counteractive stimulation.

At a point of our lives, we find ourselves having random sex with random people or with a certain toxic someone or basically with a person in whom we are disconnected emotionally from but are very much passionately evolved with. We do this when we are subconscious of our bodies or feel like we are unloved by the opposite sex, so we indulge to feel wanted or good.

Spiritual Stimulation:

You might have heard me, or other spiritualists talk about how everything around us is fake and not real. When I say this, it is to remind us that we have power, and we can use this power to the benefit of self or even others if we please. We are already being born into a stimulated world in where it shows or teaches you how to act, talk, work, teach, believe, etc. therefore we forget our true nature therefore everything around is not really real because it is not really you or aligned with you.

Spiritual stimulation is basically being aware of the choices and consequences you create through your spiritual human experiences, you are a soul living a human experience. By knowing this we can use this 3D (earth) stimulation program and create another stimulation world that is spiritually aligned with our real purpose. We can let God, Divine Power, Source stimulate us in a form that will encourage us through divine love and divine empowerment instead of letting these fake stimulated realities make us believe we are unworthy of heaven on earth because if I'm quite honest it can be easy to feel jealous of others garden not knowing we have our own that we can attend to. We have a net and with this net we can either use it to capture our life's treasures/blessings or let this net make us believe we are tangled and a victim to it.

In Conclusion, I hope I was able to put everything into simple words to understand the stimulation of realities knowing that through emotion is how we can either create or manipulate. What is your believe? What did you understand from this? How have your eyes been opened?

Written with love,

Ana Rios | Charmed Wisdom

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