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Dreams VS Illusions

Dreams VS Illusions

May 13, 2022

Warning: Scripture may hold langue, inappropriate analogies of sexual talk and activity and may make you feel triggered or uncomfortable.


If I can describe the difference between illusions and dreams in order to know the difference between both would be by using the following sexual analogies. Try to visualize/see it through an outside lens looking in.

"Illusions are like a romanticization of the scenes you play in your head when you want that hot person to fu**k you right there and then" vs "the dreams you have that come from the soul of a soulmate making love to you".

You can say illusions can and may be instant vs dreams may take a while to build as dreams usually come with a solid foundation when illusions are built on a "high" of the smoky mirror's projection of false promises. In today's scripture we will be taking the lid off of what is real and what is not real and how you can tell the difference whether it be in the waking world or the spiritual world.


When you hear the word illusion or any other word, your mind than starts to work up this energy that your mind tries to manifest and create a vison in where you can SEE is the energetic particles, I like to call illusion. It's a reflection from the mind that is creating this illusion enough for you to see what you can see in the moment in order for your mind to process this information as the mind needs a clear analytical picture as when in the dream aspect it's something you've always known deep down within.

Illusions can come in many shapes and forms, sometimes it comes in forms of fears, karma, karmic people/cycles, personalities, thinking, living a fake life, etc. When you are walking on a path sometimes that path can be dark therefore the shadows you come across can seem more scarier than what they really appear to be in real life because your fears are reflecting these illusions of incapability, inadequacy, inexperience to you. Intuition is the answer to your illusions as this inner compass in the only one that can see at night and see through all illusions because it trusts what it FEELS not SEES.

12:12 is illusion energy in where the 12 is reflecting 21 and in the tarot the hanged man is number 12 in the major arcana and is ruled by the planet Neptune (Neptune rules watery Pisces) and the twelve house is ruled by Pisces whom we already know is ruled by the planet Neptune. This is all illusion energy in where we are called to process this information by weighting it out on a scale meaning balance and see these illusions from a different higher perspective therefore one must retreat to gain guidance from its intuition but many fail to do so we get stuck in these cycles of illusions instead of breaking them. We always hear the phrase (Time is only an illusion) and it is true because it keeps us in a time loops instead of living outside theses time loops that society has created for us and is also why time shows us these illusions by giving us 11:11, 12:12, 12:21, 10:10 etc.

By knowing this available information, we are able to view our life's just like the hand man's perspective and see if there's any illusions around us to call judgment on. This can come in a form of realizing that maybe the person you've been in love with this whole time was really the thought or picture of love you fell in love with and tried to place it upon this inadequate partner. In can come in a form in where we worked so hard to achieve a career path and then come to find out 20 years later that this wasn't really what your heart wanted to do as it always wanted to be a singer, painter, backpacker etc. Being open to new information every time it is presented to you can help you realize these illusions in your life as they will always be reflecting the truth in the darkness when you're willing to see the truth.


A lot of us have all these dreams and aspirations in where others only dare to dream at night. At least we can all attest that we have at least once in our lifetimes wished upon a star or a dream.

"Dreams are energies in motions"-Spirit

All month I've been hearing that "dreams are memories of the soul" reason why I was pulled to write this post because if dreams are memories of the soul, it only backs up my theory that dreams is an inner knowing. Reason why our dreams are connected to our soul purpose. Reason why our dream state dreams comes with soul remembrance of the past to help us awaken in our waking life. Reason why our dreams can carry intuitive message and allow us to see people, places, and things before we come in contact with for the first time.

As spiritual beings experiencing a human experience, we need to allow ourselves to dream in order to helps us move forward in life as this experience is what keeps us thriving in wanting that dream life. When it comes to these seeds, that were already implanted in our DNA, we need to learn to bring them forth into the "gestation" period which means "the growing process" in order to birth these seeds into dreams. That is why it is always important to know the difference between dreams and illusions as the illusions are usually the ones that throw us off balance by being blinded by the glitter of the fake dreams/desires. Although these seeds are already ours doesn't mean things will not get hard because these dreams also come with initiations in order to keep you on the right direction or to play as reminders of why you started to nurture this/these seeds in the first place and come in the form of illusions.

"Dreams is energy in motion, and it gifts you a vast space to play with and connect with a sense of purpose".

What type of world have you created for yourself? Is it supporting your dream/s? Or have you been suppressing them by living in a world build on illusion. Our dream world will always show us the shadows of our waking world therefore if you constantly have bad dreams or nightmares about a person, place, or thing it is because you are afraid of having this "dream" stolen when it has only been an illusion this whole time.

You are a sword of light and must always have confidence in your magician's sword as your dreams can also be a perception so also have courage to investigate every feeling and idea to help you achieve the success and desired outcome aligned with your purpose and highest good.


  • Take inventory of your professional life and ask what you can do to strengthen it and take initiative towards making the necessary changes.

  • Look at your definition of success and make sure it is your own and that it actually makes you happy and not one that you inherited from a family or mentor.

  • Revise your growth and be aware of what teachings no longer resonate with you and incorporate new ones that resonate.

  • Do you have dreams that may not make sense to others but need to be reawaken/awakened?

  • Have you adapted a quitter personality?

Underneath all the sense of ambition is a soul's longing to live out its potential, a call yearning to be answered as if it was only a dream on a faraway castle but has forgotten how to move in between worlds by the illusion of the distance that has been created by matter and energy. -Ana

Written with Love,

Ana | Charmed Wisdom

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