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Born Intuitive

Born Intuitive

Jun 16, 2022


I am honored to announce that I am now preparing to create and sell merch items as a way to celebrate our spiritual supper power, Intuition. "Born Intuitive" came to me in a space of brainstorming and community as I wanted to create a "slogan"/"phrase" that will remind us of our own spiritual sense of inner knowing. Born Intuitive, reminds us that we are all born intuitive creatures with the ability to develop it even deeper if we freely chose to do so as well as forgetting to use this inner compas. Therefore "Born Intuitive" reminds us we are born with it and are capable of tapping into this limitless energy source by awakening to what we once knew or forgot along the way of life.

In today's scripture we will be discussing the types of intuition and how to understand your own intuition without getting confused between intuition and instinct as they can be similar yet totally different at the same time. I always get asked "How do you know if it's your intuition?" or "How can I develop my intuition?". With my years of experience and daily Intuitive practice it has allowed me to have balance and mastery over my own intuition in where I can now share my experience and help those wanting to connect with their own intuition. Below I will be discussing the difference between logic "instinct" and intuition as well as the difference types of intuition as I always see intuition as the main umbrella with different types of intuitive mussels under this umbrella as no intuition rarely works the same. I will also be breaking down each Intuitive gift and how you can tap into it to develop it even further to be able to utilize it to its fullest potential.


Confusing Intuition with Instinct:

Instinct is not a feeling, but an innate, "hardwired" tendency toward a particular behavior. Instincts are automatic reactions to environmental stimuli that cannot be repressed, and it occurs in every individual of species including animals.

Most of the time we can confuse our intuition with instinct in the view of the fact that humans can sometimes go through very traumatic and or hard experiences in their life that can potentially leave a very big imprint in their life. And when this happens certain fixed patterns or behaviors can be adopted along the way in confusing certain thought behaviors as intuitive messages when in reality these instincts are just "reflexes" of the mind.

For instances, let's say you are studying karate and have been intensely training for competitions your whole life and usually the number one thing that always gets engraved in the mind is to protect/shield yourself, right? Well let's say one day you are ambushed on the street your body will automatically start to shield itself without even thinking about it, that's instinct. The same as when a baby is born, and it knows how to latch on to its mother's breast, that is also instinct because humans have been doing it for so long that we now carry it in our human DNA's. Just how when we get our hearts broken and our partner continues to cheat on us, we think are intuition knows and catches them every time (in some part can be true) but in reality, you were already use to it and instantly knew how to catch them. Intuition told you the first time not to trust them but as a result of not listening in the beginning we than suffer the consequences that we could have had avoided if we would have listened.

What is Intuition:

Intuition is water and water is intuition!

Once you start to tapping into your intuition is the day you'll start to understand the depths of your own being. This is why many spiritual workers like myself say "DIVE into your intuition" because when you dive into the ocean you can sense the depths of her but you can never really seem to reach the bottom because it is endless, it is infinite. That is what you carry inside of you depths of information ready to be utilized and accessible to you at any time and day.

In order to understand your own intuition, you have to be able to understand how it works and your strongest points in your intuition. Like I mentioned in the intro I view intuition as the body and bodies usually have many parts or layers that make this body as whole. Under this Intuitive umbrella you will find the four (4) clairs and many of you might have heard of them already.

The 4 Clair's: Intuition

  • Clairaudience (clear hearing)

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

  • Clairsentience (clear feeling)

  • Claircognizance (clear inner knowing)

Please note that yes, we can have access to all however some of the 4 clairs can be stronger than the other one's you possess. As a spiritual worker myself I have learned to utilize all parts of my own intuition and yet there's still more to explore. My intuitive strengths come in this order clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Claircognizance with clairsentience being my strongest as you might have heard me say "I'm a feeler" as that's how my intuition process information.

Clairaudience: This is the clear hearing muscle and might have used it several times in your life without even noticing. Have you ever heard a voice in your head that would say "Don't go" or "Don't do it?" that's clairaudience. Usually those who are clairaudience are very good listeners and can hear very subtle sounds and or frequencies like how when your ear starts ringing. You can see this hyper focused in animals as they had to learn to hear better in order to protect themselves in the wild.

The only way to develop this muscle is to sit in a quiet place or anywhere by your lonesome (preferably out in nature) and allow yourself to hear and differentiate the different sounds you hear. The more you do this the better you'll get at hearing the guidance pouring from the heavens. On another side note the more you practice the more sensitive your hearing will get as that comes with the development of your clairaudience in where you were able to hear blasting music before and maybe won't be able to after.

Clairvoyance: Usually my psychics or children are the ones to have this sense the most active as this allows us to see images, ghosts, light energy, aura's, future events/predictions, dreams etc. This sense allows us to see what we can only see with our 3rd eye.

To be clairvoyant you have to be able to have a good perception of energy because Clairvoyant messages can arrive as an image or scene in the mind that usually come as a metaphor, and we need to learn how to decipher these clairvoyant messages. Sometimes during reading sessions, I can receive an image of an apple and you might think "are they telling me to eat an apple"? However, the apple imagery can resemble a feeling like something feeling forbidden or reminding you of your own immortal energy within. Having an open mind can allow you to see and understand further when it comes to clairvoyance because everything is not what it seems.

You can develop your clairvoyance ability by practicing being aware of the sings, surroundings, your energy, feelings etc. As well as getting familiar with how it communicates with you on a daily basis because usually the sings and or images you receive are things you have encountered or seen and sometimes that might not be the case reason why journaling what you see will help broaden your perception with this ability. I also like to play intuitive games with my kids in where one would be in one room and the other in the next room and we practice guessing the number of fingers they're holding up by trying to see with our third eye and yelling it out to see if we saw correct.

Clairsentience: Empaths usually have this sense the most active because they're very empathetic to the energies our senses feel. This sense is all about feeling and if you're very disconnected from your emotions you can have a hard time developing this sense but when you do you can have mastery over your own emotions. Clairsentience allows you to pick up intuitive messages by sensing or actively collecting information from your environment, place, person, or thing.

The easiest way to develop this sense is by practicing anchoring your energy because sometimes what you feel might not be yours or for you therefore being present and grounded in your body can help you notice and realize the difference. You can practice by trying to observe people and see what information arises as well as with objects and holding it in your hand and allowing your feelings to bubble up and relay the intuitive messages of these objects. You can also try it with your food and your body will let you know if your body needs it or if it will harm your bodies energy field.

Claircognizance: It's when our brains get an immediate download from our intuition, just like when you download a large amount of information into your computer's hard drive. Although when this happens the download occurs within a few seconds and is usually instant. Think of it as ugh huh moments in where you instantly know something without studying or searching for it. You could find a lot of these traits in scientist, musicians, spiritual teachers etc. because they're open to receiving information therefore they're channels allow divine information to be poured into them and get inspired by it to physically manifest it into the 3D. This sense can also allow us to tap into our akashic records or abundant information available to us, how you think so many inventions have been invented?

To develop this sense try asking your intuition for information or even the answers before searching for them because you are energy and carry all the information of the universe inside of you reason why we always say, "you already know the answers". Because you really do, we have just been accustomed to search outside of us instead of inside of us. The more you search with in and trust the information even if you feel its "wrong" at the beginning you'll start to uncover a rabbit whole full of information and you would just have more confidence making life decisions.

Figuring out your intuitive strengths:

Now that you learned the different intuitive senses you might have already figured out how your own intuition might work for you and even if it didn't that is okay too because I will be doing a pick a card below to help you find your intuitive strengths.

Pick a Card, what is your strongest intuitive gift?

Pile 1: The Spiral , 50

If you picked the first card that your strongest intuitive gift is inner knowing (claircognizance). It seems you have an old soul or could have been through a lot in this lifetime and others therefore you have acquired a lot of spiritual knowledge. Work on developing it any more you are very innovative but sell yourself short when you learn very quickly and tap into this limitless information that is why you be knowing you know lol.

Pile 2: The Serpent, 46

If you picked the second card on the left than your strongest intuitive gift is Clear Feeling (clairsentience). Your soul feels very healing therefore you have the emotional capacity of feeling and in some cases feel other's needs. You have very much motherly energy in where many can come to you for advice and even with their problems from your healing advice and or energy. Your emotions are powerful once you learn how to master them.

Pile 3: The Medicine Wheel, 35

If you picked the 3rd card from the left than your strongest intuitive gift is clear hearing (clairaudience). Your crown chakra is very activated and can pull information from the ethers. This information can allow you to bring love, bring a higher perspective, bring courage, and healing into the 3D plane and many cannot do this. You might also be very good at communicating with animals, trees, spirit, etc. and receive information/guidance. Practice hearing the energies around you every morning.

Pile 4: Wild Women, 62

If you pick the last card on the right than your strongest intuitive sense is clear seeing (clairvoyant). You are very intuitive and have very strong visions especially in the nighttime or can see better at night meaning your intuition can be the strongest at night hence why your dreams can be very strong and vivid. Practice daily grounding so that you're not always stuck in the spiritual realm.

In Conclusion,

Let me know of this scripture and of the short reading. I hope I have been of any aid in the help of understanding your very own intuition. Reminder, we have access to all the Clair senses however we are always going to have one stronger than the other clairs and by remembering your mastery it can help you master the rest of the senses because if its already your strongest in this life than it means you have already mastered it in a previous life.

deck used: mystical shaman oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos.

Written with love,

Ana | Charmed Wisdom

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