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Link to 2024: My Year of Greatness! journal on Amazon

Jan 13, 2024

Use the above link to purchase the full, hardback journal from Amazon - worldwide in 8 colours!

I'm SO excited to share this project I've been working on. It all started as a design for a journal for myself but when I saw how well it turned out, I knew I had to share it!

I'm setting myself up for 2024 to be my greatest year yet and I want the perfect journal to plan, track, organise, dream and reflect. And this one has it all!

This journal is exactly what you need to make 2024 your greatest year yet!

Packed with planners and trackers to maximise every area of your life in order to help you find your success.

Find inside (with enough trackers for the whole year!):
💚Notes pages x10
💚Daily Affirmations
💚Bucket List
💚Monthly Budget Plan
💚Non-Essential Spending Tracker
💚Weekly Meal Planner
💚Savings Trackers
💚Chore Tracker
💚Water Tracker
💚Sleep Tracker
💚Energy Tracker
💚Mood Tracker
💚Menstrual Tracker
💚Spare Monthly Trackers (to use as suits your lifestyle and goals)
💚Weight Tracker
💚Exercise Trackers
💚Social Media Trackers
💚Reading Tracker
💚Gifting Planners
💚Travel Planners
💚Manifestation record pages x10
💚Password logs

Additionally, as any journal needs:
💚2024 year calendar
💚Monthly calendars with monthly goals
💚Monthly project planners
💚Half-page daily planner with to-do list and productivity rating alongside space for a 5-minute review and gratitude.
💚Pages to record the greatest memories of the year! x20

6 x 9 in or 15.24 x 22.86cm
High-quality hardback cover
Black ink internal pages on quality white paper (74-90 GSM)

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