😳I made my first 🎬 as an 11 year old k ...

😳I made my first 🎬 as an 11 year old kid

Mar 23, 2023

Well it's true and I'm devastated that I cannot share it with you (our hard drives got destroyed a few years back and we've lost all of our family memories but what to do...?). Just imagine 2 kids with a camera and tons of creativity filming and editing a hole short film in one evening! Let me tell you all about it and make sure to read until the end cause I got some great tips for you that need a creativity boost.

We were on summer vacation with my family in Thasos, a greek island close to our hometown Thessaloniki. I had just got the new camera from my dad and my sister and I were super hyped with it and used it like crazy all the time. So one evening while our parents were sleeping we decided to film this short filmed called "The adventures of Pepito Gonzales". I know it's a cliche but come on! We were kids! I'm getting even more emotional explaining this and remembering how awesome it was and how I will never be able to watch it again. BUT let's continue the story time.

So since I was the camera "owner" and of course the oldest I had my sister play all of the cast members 🤣 Pepito and the bad guy with no name who was a sailor (cause we had only two pieces of costume a sombrero and a sailors hat). We first shot Pepito's scenes and set ups with her wearing a mat as a top and of course there was a Mexican style moustache drawn on her face. I just can't stop laughing remembering her serious face as the opening scene moving from a close up at the mountains to a wide shot with her standing like a cowboy. Just IMAGINE! Then we went on and shot the rest of the set ups for the bad guy. There was even a fight scene where Pepito kills the bad guy using a gum! I KNOW IT'S A MASTERPIECE LOST IN SPACE.

There was one problem though... Our parents were asleep and we couldn't get loud so my genius kid brain thought of an amazing idea. "Let's have you (my sister Elena) move your mouth like talking and we'll dub it in post. It will be like these Mexican series on TV!". Of course I knew nothing about dubbing or post production but little did I know that was my first voice over ever as well as video editing. We just couldn't stop laughing and once we got back home from vacation I spent some hours on my PC editing and adding the dialogue and it was finally time for the screening! Uh! And let's not forget we also made a contract were I had her sign to pass me all of the copyrights to our films HAHA cause that's how you do it!

My point is that this creative part of me has always been there. I was born a creative person and I love multitasking it's in my DNA. That creativity we all have as little kids gets some how lost as we get older but it's actually an amazing tool you can use to make your life or work easier. So here are some tips to work on getting your creativity back:
1. Don't quit on the first try - one thing kids do is that nothing can stop them from getting things done and they can come up with amazing ideas because to them the possibilities are endless. They see chances not problems and obstacles.
2. Try a different perspective - sometimes we get lost in doing what comes naturally, what we have tried and works out for us just fine. Try something new, watch yourself from a new angle and take chances which bring us to ...
3. Making mistakes - that's how you learn my dear! Evolve, move your legs and mind to a new unknown experience. Fail! Fail just to learn something new, just to get a new feedback a new rush that will fuel you up to try even more, learn even more, become better and stronger. At least that works wonders for me.

Let me know what works for you or in which field you actually need help in. I'd be glad to help and offer you 50% off in any service from giving a critique to your creation or a live meeting where we discuss about your career.

Only remember this. There's always more room for practise. Cheers ✨🫶🏼

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