📖Read my Film Forge interview

📖Read my Film Forge interview

Mar 09, 2023

“I fell in love with the set and I managed to discover Film Forge courses through quick online research”, says Charikleia Mari.
@charikleia_mari is our student from Greece and she is currently working in the production “Subservience” as an Art Department Trainee, so we asked her to tell her story. 
“I started studying music and singing which led me to discover my not-so-hidden passion for acting. I finished Acting in Theater & Film studies after 3 years of working in lead roles as a musical performer and also a composer in films and commercials. I heard about the first film that was shot in Thessaloniki and I wanted to be a part of it in any possible way, so I joined as an extra in the scenes of “The Enforcer”. 

I used my summer vacation to visit @nuboyana for the first time and attend the Wardrobe course in August 2022, which was amazing and a great start for me to meet the studio and its professionals. I stayed for longer and attended the Production Design course and a few months later completed the AD course, that would be my number one thought due to the fact that it lasted longer and we had a chance to create, direct and film our own movies. But Wardrobe and Production Design are closer to my creative side because I love to create new worlds and make my ideas come to life. Actually, a fun fact is I created my first movie with my sister at the age of 11 all by ourselves so I think whichever course I will ever attend is going to have a special place in my heart.”

Charikleia has worked on the following projects:
“The Follower” as a Costumer Trainee
“Marked Men” as a 3rd AD Trainee

“I would love to join more courses such as the Stunts, Acting and Producing courses and make some good use of this new information in the filmmaking business.”

We are happy to have such eager to learning students ❤️👏

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