📂Artists's Guide now available in Engli ...

📂Artists's Guide now available in English - 50% SALE

Feb 16, 2023

My dear I have exiting news for you!

If you're thinking of ways to build your career, manage your content and develop your skills then you are in the right place! My first ever "Artist's Guide - Part 1" is now available in English! Yeah you heard that right and from now on all of my PDF downloadable files will be available both in English and Greek and on sale. So stay tuned for the next one!

Are you an artist and want to learn how to get a bigger audience? The Artist Guide Part 1, designed for musicians, singers, producers and more, for you and every artist out there who wants to promote their creations! All the information that took me years to learn and collect, collected in a 20-page manual for you to read and inspire on your career. Trust me if you follow the steps of the guide you will manage to take off both your career and your audience. Available in PDF format for instant download and 50% sale for the English version!

Find all of my freebies and PDF downloads on my profile or click the link down below: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/charikleiamari/e/113126

You can also watch my content on YouTube and IG or Tiktok for daily updates and tips for artists!

Good luck and shine bright!

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