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Thirty $5 Tim Hortons cards to the WestV ...

Thirty $5 Tim Hortons cards to the WestView Emergency Department

Oct 08, 2021

Thirty $5 Tim Hortons coffee cards dropped off at WestView (Stony Plain) Emergency. I arrived at the hospital and lined up behind a father and his daughter. The screener asked them to sit to the side but that they couldn't stay there, he'd move them in a moment.

He did an amazing job encouraging he daughter to wear the mask the nurse gave her. As I was sanitizing I asked the screener if it was busy tonight and he said he'd only just started and - *sigh* - yeah. I asked for the charge nurse but she was over busy triaging.

Instead, the screener pointed me to the nursing desk and I presented the cards to one of the unit clerks. The department appeared to be quite busy gave my quick spiel and thanked her for her time.

Outside the door to Emergency the sidewalk was completely covered in beautiful messages in chalk including a big arrow pointing to the EMS garage door that said "HERO ENTRANCE" and "We're in this TOGETHER!"

That makes a total of 240 coffee cards delivered and a total of $1200 to 8 hospitals. Three more donors and one repeat donor joined the ranks for a total of $4868.85 from 144 incredible people (not all Albertans, btw).

Tomorrow night I'm off to the Strathcona Emergency department in Sherwood Park. All of the wonderful messages you've sent in with your donations have been saved here:

We raised another unit's worth of coffee today - so I still have 22 units worth of coffee cards in the pipe. If you'd like to nominate a unit, please submit them here:

Thank you everyone for your generosity. We're making a real impact for our amazing healthcare workers.

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