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Thirty $5 Tim Hortons cards delivered to ...

Thirty $5 Tim Hortons cards delivered to St. Mary's Hospital and Wetaskiwin Emergencies

Oct 10, 2021

Thirty $5 Tim Hortons coffee cards dropped off at both the Wetaskiwin Community Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital in Camrose. Both these hospitals have special places in my heart: Wetaskiwin is my home town and I was born at St. Mary's.

St. Mary's was were I went when I broke my ankle in high school and walked myself into triage. The doctor came in with the x-ray and asked " did you get yourself here?" He didn't believe I walked in.

When he found out I was working at a local restaurant that night and that I had no plans of cancelling, he called ahead to the restaurant and by the time I got there my shifts for the week had been covered. In hindsight that was a good idea. Small town docs, I tell you.

Tonight, I explained the cards to the RN at St. Mary's when said "I know you've had your share of COVID+ here." she sighed and said "yeah, we have." I noted a poster that said "Mask Exemptions Invalid Here: if you cannot wear a surgical mask you will be refused entry."

I think they've had enough. In Wetaskiwin it's a little different getting into Emergency. You're buzzed in and have to mind the armed doors. When I presented the stack of cards through the triage door I realized a group of staff had congregated behind her wondering what was up.

Safety has always been a concern at this hospital and they've done what they can with limited space and they look out for each other like family. A few folks I went to high school with now serve their community here.

Now with $5239.42 from 152 donors with 22 units worth of coffee left. 330 cards have been delivered to 11 facilities. All of the wonderful messages you've sent in with your donations have been saved here:

Sunday night is set for Devon General Hospital Emergency. If you'd like to nominate a unit, please submit them here:

In case you missed it, @Fakiha Baig's wonderful piece for the @CanadianPress on @JValShuster with @devouryyc and myself has found its way to @ctvedmonton and a few radio stations:

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