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Thirty $5 coffee cards delivered to the ...

Thirty $5 coffee cards delivered to the Sturgeon Community Hospital Emergency Department

Oct 26, 2021

It was busy in there too tonight. A nurse was going around with a heart rate monitor checking on patients in the waiting room.

I said hello to the screener and told her I had coffee cards for her department. I said I'd normally ask for the charge nurse but looking around the waiting room I said I'm guessing they're pretty busy. She nodded - when isn't it busy lately?

She offered to take them from me, I explained how the cards came to be and she thanked me about four times. They'd been nominated by Donna S., and I left her with Donna's message: "The staff at the Sturgeon ER including EMS is tired & overworked. Everyday they battle through the increased patient load and amped up safety procedures, in full PPE. Despite this they continue to go above & beyond, taking the time to reassure patients & family members and providing quick responses to emergencies. We experienced this first hand due to a recent 911 call that resulted in an ambulance trip and visit to the ER. Thank God the response was still fast & efficient. The paramedics were so reassuring. Love them!"

The #CoffeeforHCWsAB total is maintained at $5634.00 from 165 donors. I have 10 depts worth of coffee left with 750 cards ($3750) delivered to 25 departments

If you're new here, the full story is here:

Tomorrow I'm visiting the Misericordia Emergency Department.

If you'd like to nominate a department, do it here:

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