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Thirty $5 coffee cards delivered to the ...

Thirty $5 coffee cards delivered to the Royal Alex CVICU

Oct 16, 2021

I was surprised with how busy the Robbins Pavilion was tonight. The CVICU had the lights dimmed for the night. It's a pleasant unit with long windows lining the ceiling.

It's nice having natural light throughout the day. I greeted the nurse at the reception desk and presented the cards. She mentioned how late it was to be delivering coffee. I laughed and mentioned I'd been at it for the past two weeks.

A CVICU generally offers treatment for adults who critically ill due to a heart condition. Things like heart attacks, angina, and heart failure. With this fourth wave, you might also find patients on ECMO, a machine that replaces the function of the lungs.

No new donations today, so our total stands at $5405.32 from 158 donors. I have 17 depts worth of coffee left with 510 cards ($2550) delivered to 17 departments. (nearly 50% delivered!)

The full #CoffeeforHCWsAB story is here:

Tomorrow I'm delivering to the Red Deer Regional Emergency dept and ICU. 30 $5 cards each. This facility has been hit hard in this fourth wave with the Canadian Red Cross stepping in to help and diversion being used earlier in the month.

Nominate a dept here:

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