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The beta is here

The beta is here

Nov 05, 2022

The biggest update yet is now available!

It takes the next step and is now in beta with proper Waypoint and Nintendo Switch support. Also, numerous improvements and new features have been added, such as

  • Automatic detection of platforms in the default locations and now also additional custom locations

  • Built-in backup recovery

  • Tree view for the JSON editor including a search

  • Images!

  • Collection management (Outfits, Starships, etc.), pre-filled with starters, pre-order, expedition, and Twitch rewards

  • Mod support

I'll also try to revive the developer diary, which has been heavily neglected, to share with you the journey into the future of NomNom, as promised.

Download: https://github.com/zencq/NomNom/releases/tag/

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