The Purpose of Financial Support

The Purpose of Financial Support

Feb 09, 2021

I am not building a tiered system where supporters get access to content that others don't. Anyone that sends support, either as a one time thing or as a recurring amount, receives no special treatment other than my undying gratitude. This is because I don't think anything should be paywalled, most of all art. I can keep my project alive and flowing without support, but financial support will allow me to grow and expand. It will also allow me to move off ad gated platforms like YouTube in the event that they make moves I don't agree with.

Creating my work takes time and energy and also a decent amount of money. I am able to cover costs with my day job and my small business so don't feel like you need to support me or this whole thing comes crashing down. I can limp along like I have been forever. That has always been the plan. However, with enough support I will be able to grow and be free of the financial burden that holds me back from endless creativity.

As it stands I have to work a full work week and work an additional 20 hours a week on my other business in order to cover the costs of this project along side my living costs. Food, rent, software, hosting etc. It all adds up. I am able to do this but do find that I struggle to find the energy some times and that any small set back sends the whole thing crashing down. Then I have to put in extra time and effort to rebuilding and restarting. I hope to move to a more stable position and that is what sending financial support will allow.

So if you enjoy what I produce and want to help out I would really appreciate anything you can send my way. If you can't afford to send anything that is fine too, just being here helps a lot as well.

Thanks for reading. Back to the void I go.

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