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Top 9 Perks About Working in a Funeral H ...

Top 9 Perks About Working in a Funeral Home

May 07, 2021

  • #9 Two words, FREE FORMALDEHYDE

  • #8 The funeral home lets you use the hearse when you go on dates

  • #7 You now get "more action" than when you were on Tinder

  • #6 The cremation chamber makes for one hell of a pizza oven

  • #5 You're allowed to put clown make-up on the departed before the viewing

  • #4 The mortuary's body freezers can hold a shit ton of frozen burritos

  • #3 You get first shot at the widows/widowers

  • #2 You're allowed to keep all of the spare change that falls out of pockets

  • #1 There's always someone to spoon with at night

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