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Kong vs Godzilla Trailer -- My Two Cents

Kong vs Godzilla Trailer -- My Two Cents

Jan 24, 2021

First, I was dreadfully disappointed that it was not a courtroom thriller revolving around the landmark 1983 court case of 'David Kong vs The Godzilla Electronics Corporation' that brought about sweeping changes in the way television manufacturers skirted U.S. labor laws in terms of overtime pay.

Second, I think this whole film would've been much better if they had used the rubber suit Godzilla instead of CGI Godzilla. What can I say, I'm a traditionalist.

Third, that whole pushing Godzilla's atomic breath/heat ray back into his own mouth was kind of erotic—you know, in a PornHub sort of way that you later feel ashamed and guilty for being aroused by such scenes.

Fourth, I don't mean to be that bitch who is always complaining, but this will be the third Godzilla installment and we still haven't seen this dude:

That is all. You may return to your daily routines.

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