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About the Byte Series ...

About the Byte Series ...

Dec 17, 2023

Cat Connor's Byte Series is a crime thriller series centred around the character SSA (Supervisory Special Agent) Ellie Conway, who is a member of an elite FBI team specialising in investigating serial crime and terrorism. The series delves into the world of forensic investigations, profiling, and the pursuit of dangerous criminals.

The Byte Series combines elements of action, suspense, and forensic science to create a thrilling and engaging narrative. It explores the dark and often intricate minds of serial killers and the dedicated law enforcement professionals who work tirelessly to bring them to justice.

The series is known for its fast-paced storytelling, intricate plots, and complex characters. Through the central character, Ellie Conway, readers are taken on a journey that involves solving intricate cases, uncovering hidden motives, and dealing with personal and professional challenges.

While the series focuses on FBI investigations, it also delves into the personal lives and struggles of the characters, adding depth and emotional resonance to the stories. The Byte Series is well-regarded among fans of crime thrillers for its engaging narratives and attention to detail in the investigative aspects of the plots.

It's worth noting that as the series progresses, readers are taken on various thrilling adventures, exploring different cases and expanding the overarching storyline. Each book in the series offers a self-contained mystery while contributing to the larger narrative arc, providing a satisfying reading experience for fans of the genre.

Overall, Cat Connor's Byte Series offers a compelling blend of crime, suspense, and forensic investigation, with SSA Ellie Conway at the centre of the action as she works to solve complex and dangerous cases.

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