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Tarot Reading: Ask Anything You Want

Tarot Reading: Ask Anything You Want

Mar 30, 2022

Hello everyone or “Good evening”, I’m asking you for probably the first time for help and support today!

Tarot card deck: Light Seer’s Tarot and The Wild Unknown Tarot

I’m starting to read Tarot cards and Runes again, which I have been practicing for over 20 years. I’m ready to help with any question, even $100-150 for a question or fortune-telling is enough for a little support. So I can overcome stress and my family will have something to eat during this wartime.

Anyone who wishes can write me direct messages immediately or find a link for this – here

Rockets are hitting my city, bombs are falling, and I am very tired of being a target and sitting in a bomb shelter shuddering from explosions and dreaming. I really want to continue living, I want to help my family and country, to be more useful than just a whisper in the dark.

Tarot card deck: The Wild Unknown Tarot and Light Seer’s Tarot

I want to feel life again, please help me spread this message to those who might be interested, those you know. Who wants and loves tarot or just wants to support.

I’m grateful to you all,

Cass 🏡🌞🎴

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