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Galaxy In The Bottle Drawing With Waterc ...

Galaxy In The Bottle Drawing With Watercolor Pencils. Caught stars.

Aug 04, 2021

Hey folks! In my past work, I painted heart and nature. Now I went a little further and draw the entire universe in a bottle with colored watercolor pencils.

I have some inspiration for you and your drawing. Charge yourself, and let’s draw.

Standing on the street in the middle of the night, I got a great idea. Stars twinkled in the sky. The night was quiet and calm. The wind played softly with the foliage of neighboring trees. My idea looked even funnier and more beautiful at the same time. Smiling, I took the flask out of my pocket and began to push the stars quietly into it. They flowed as if a small luminous stream of water trying to fill the entire space.

– Now I have a small piece of space and a few stars in a bottle.

It was a night of stunning imagination when any dreams and desires could come true.

I wish you more of these days and nights when all your dreams and desires can come true.

How to draw Galaxy Bottle Drawing With Watercolor Pencils:

  1. Draw the bottle with a pencil.

  2. Draw over the pencil with a pen.

  3. Draw a cork and a galaxy in a bottle with watercolor pencils.

  4. Using a brush and water, cover the pencils.

  5. Draw drops with pencils.

  6. Add white stars with gouache.

  7. The drawing is done.

Happy drawing!

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