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About Myself Fantasy Short Story.

About Myself Fantasy Short Story.

Aug 04, 2021

For my life full of events, I wrote and give life to many poems, novels, sayings, and short stories. I’m going to publish it all, but this story plays a special role for me. “About Myself” gave me hope and a goal for my cherished dream. But no matter how much time has passed since I was a small child and made this miracle, I still want to introduce you to my fantasy world. I’ll start with my first short story.

Oh, yes! I should still mention the hot summer day around the end of the second millennium, was ending that day. Knights and dragons still live in the world.

P.S. So get on board!


This short story has a fantasy genre and shows the meaning of fears and prejudices within the personality of each living being. Images of fictional characters are used to describe the emotions of the protagonist.

The basis of the story is one of the strangest and most painful days of my life. I had written this amusing and very unusual story for myself that day. The story seeks to open my true self with funny and cute features, adding fantasy and light fantasy forms for a better perception of such a complex philosophical genre.

The short story teaches us and seeks to show all fears a crawling being. The one who doesn’t believe in himself, and who doesn’t wish to fight for his life. But as we know,

Everything is changeable in the world of Beast!

This means only one thing that the protagonist should know the truth and he should find a new self.

You’re not winged because you are flying on a dragon

Cass Ark Galleas, About Myself

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