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Poetry Is My Life Saving Outlet

Poetry Is My Life Saving Outlet

Jun 14, 2023

I remember writing my first poem in my mid twenties. It felt strange writing one. Last time I did any poetry writing was for a high school English class. I never took an interest in poetry. Perhaps what triggered the sensation is when I started therapy at the age of twenty-two for depression.

My therapist suggested journaling my thoughts. It seemed like a daunting task trying to write out my childhood abuses, depression, and suicidal ideation. I did not know in my younger years I was autistic which probably hindered me somewhat on focusing to write my trauma out. My thoughts were all over the place, and I had a difficult time conveying things, even written ones.

One day, paging through a magazine, I came across an add for a poetry contest. The poetry site offered a cash prize and a chance to be featured in their anthology. For whatever reason, it sparked me, and I grabbed pen and paper scribbling out my thoughts.

My first poem written and published, White Dove, did not win but I did it, I wrote a poem. I continued writing, submitting my poems and having them published in various anthologies. Not my greatest works, but writing poetry became therapeutic.

The poem that broke my barriers and opened up healing was my poem Deserving.

I attended a poetry convention in Florida where I read it to an audience of fifty people. I barely could get through reading the poem, without bawling.

Many poets approached me afterwards hugging me, sharing their personal stories about abuse. It made me realize, my pain was something many also endured.

I published my first poetry collection titled A Glimmer of Hope in October 2020. Not all my poetry is about trauma. I write about being autistic, the world, and everyday life. I continue to grow in poetry.

Me sharing my trauma through poetry is something that empowers others. My hope by sharing my poems is it will help release past traumas for others too.

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