A tiny dose should do

A tiny dose should do

Jul 05, 2021

For this "Monday's Release" I chose to release my song ANXIETY
(written 4.2019 Yes, way before Corona hit)

Having Anxiety I can tell you that I have written a lot of songs and poems as I was in that sentiment.

A lot of them are not that hopeful. I would like to see if I can turn them into a positive as much as I can but only because I am starting to believe that going back to "craft" them, I can heal what I was feeling then and might otherwise feel again.

Although I will release, show work that is not so positive over time because I also have felt so alone, so misunderstood and it might just help to see that you really aren't alone.


A tiny dose should do

When you feel at the end of your own strength
You don't know how to solve or resolve
a relationship, a situation
or yourself
and how you perceive the world

All you crave for
all you imagine
is just a tiny dose will do

A tiny dose

of happiness
A tiny dose

of hope
A tiny dose

of anything really
to get you back afloat

There is good folk
a finer destination
and the road can give so much

So a tiny dose should do
just enough to get back in touch

A dose of non-nauseating positivity
Yeah, that should be enough

© CaseyMusic (6.1.2021)

Inspired by
“A tiny, non-nauseating dose of positivity” - The Sunday Times
a review on Paddy Byrne's "The Daily Do Podcast"

I DREAM of making a bundle one day. With your help and support and choices, 
we can work towards achieving that dream.

Ah the crispy sound of a brand new book. The smell and touch of grainy recycled brown pages... A hard cover, made/ready to be judged.

Mm, maybe you can help direct me here to a creator who might help bring the poems to life with drawings and help design the cover... Or do you want to collab?!

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