Car Brake Maintenance Tips

Car Brake Maintenance Tips

Jun 13, 2020

Brake inspections should be included in your monthly car care routine. Brake maintenance and care can save lives as well as money. It’s probable that you can not check and maintain your brakes, yourself. This is where a good car repair service shop will come in. Most will offer a free brake inspection. The areas that they can or will check will be first your brake pads which can wear down over time. Your brake fluid should be filled or replaced if required. The professional Universal Motorcars mechanic will also check your brake rotors for any signs of wear that can result in faulty braking. It is recommended that the brake fluid be checked during your monthly car care routine, but the other, more complicated parts of the braking system can be checked annually.

Be aware at all times during driving, of your brake warning lights, or if your brakes make any type of noises, from squealing to grinding sounds when the brakes are applied. Also, be aware of the brake pedal feel. If it feels too soft or if you need to pump your brakes for them to work, this is a sign of imminent serious brake pads or rotor damage and will require bringing your car to a local car repair center to have them repaired.

If your car is pulling to one side when you apply the brakes or if a tire is exceedingly hot after even a short drive or if you notice any leaking near any tire you should definitely have your brakes checked and repair any damage at a local brake repair center.

To provide appropriate brake care, remember these few tips:

Don’t ‘ride’ the brakes or use them often when unnecessary.
Don’t tailgate, riding to close to the car in front of you; there should be adequate distance for stopping without a sudden ‘panic’ stop.

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